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Why Use Us

We deliver; Quality, precision & Speed, without compromise, because of four key factors;


These four resources allow us to utilise our 'experience, understanding & engagement', delivering high quality accurate real-time services.

How we support you

At Gerard Peters, we have four decades of combined experience in picking the right process and using it effectively on behalf of our customers. 

These processes fall in to four main groupings.

Talent Acquisition Consultancy

Many businesses simply don't budget for the cost of acquiring talent, moreover they have very limited appreciation of the factors governing it's success.

Consequently their hiring costs are often many times higher than they need to be, their internal hiring processes are limited or out of date and their management are untrained in how to best source the best talent efficiently.

At Gerard Peters we have four decades of experience of how to do it right, we can help. 

By consulting with your HR and management team we can build a robust and evolving process which reverses these problems, locates the best available talent as quickly as possible and for the lowest cost.

Let us talk to you about how.


Passive search

Passive Search is the standard 'no win - no fee' service offered as default by almost every recruitment firm in the world.

This service by its very definition carries limited financial risk for the hiring firm. All the work is carried out without any up front fees charged.

As part of this process, we will search for candidates on all available job portals and social media sites over a given period. We may, if required also advertise the vacancy on a number of free to use on line sites.

This process works well for 'candidate rich' vacancies, in well populated locations, with low 'specificity' in the required competences.

Fees become payable once a candidate is successfully located and introduced to a customer.

Advertised selection

​Our most effective process, advertised selection is highly successful in generating high volumes of high quality candidates quickly. A fully managed process, we will; 

Generate a detailed role and person specification
Create advertising copy
Select the correct media
Place the adverts
Filter the incoming CVs
Telephone screen the better candidates
Interview the best of those
Present the final shortlist to the client

Utilising the most appropriate channels to advertise and well-honed assessment techniques, this process delivers results quickly.

Executive search


When no other solution works, usually due to the scarcity of skills sought, Executive Search / Headhunting is recommended. 


Following the generation of a detailed role and person specification, Gerard Peters will proactively; target, identify, approach and contact potential candidates for the role. 


We will then assess the resulting candidates over several stages, finally creating a shortlist which we present to our clients. 


Payable in two stages, this is a retained service with up to one third of our fees payable in advance.

We deliver as per your expectations

Every recruitment campaign shares one main goal – finding the right person at the right time!


We pride ourselves on doing exactly that. We are often more than three times as good as the average recruiter on any one measurement. 


When all factors are combined this give our clients a huge advantage


But how do we know this?


Simple - We measure several key ‘success ratios’, and they are significantly ahead of our competitor’s benchmarks, and how do we know this? - Because for most of our careers we used to measure them too.  

But what are our success ratios?


• We only handle jobs we know we can fill 

• 3 X more placements per vacancy handled

• Far Fewer but much better CVs submitted per vacancy

• More client interviews per CV submitted

• 80% of 2nd interview processes lead to job offers

• 99% of accepted offers convert to job commencement

• Zero candidate complaints in 5 years

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